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Buying or leasing an aircraft represents one of the most significant and far reaching decisions faced. 
It is significant because of the amount of capital commitment required.

It is significant because the aircraft must match exactly your needs. The aircraft has to fit to the routes your mostly fly, number of passengers but also the overall cost to both invest and operate/maintain the aircraft. Is the aircraft only for private/company use or do you want to offer it to the market as well?

Independent Aviation advice

Call us and we create a team of experienced and knowledgeable consultants to help and guide you.

In a complex and intricate world of aviation we bring you considered and forward-thinking solutions to your aviation business needs.

The decision is far reaching because you usually are committed to the transaction for a substantial period of time. Even for short periods, due to the sizable amounts of capital involved, a wrong decision could prove disastrous from a financial viewpoint. It is critical this decision and choice of aircraft is made properly and, in most cases, this means with expert advice.
Hald&Lie Aviation can help you ensure this decision is the correct one.




Shared ownership

Sharing an aircraft will be more and more used in the coming years. More companies see the advantage by using a business aircraft as an efficiency and productivity tool. But for many companies the amount to invest of getting an aircraft is too high. Why not share the aircraft with other companies and gain access to all the benefits of a business aircraft.

We help and facilitate the process. All the way from finding the right aircraft, contracting, operational setup etc.

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