Aviation Thought Different

Hald&Lie Aviation is specialized in advisory and optimizing in the aviation industry. We are a combination of a consultancy firm and many years of management experience in the Aviation sector. Our network is on a global span and in many sectors of the aviation industry.

Hald&Lie Aviation is an independent advisor within the aviation sector. We give our clients a high and qualified expertise on a hands-on level at the commercial, strategic and financial platforms.


Corporate Advisory

  • Commercial strategy for aircraft operators
  • Travel strategy for companies
  • Organizational temperarture
  • Corporate training
  • Networking


  • What is Sustainability in Aviation?
  • Benefits for all stakeholders
  • Reduce costs and risks


  • Independent advisory of choice of aircraft when investing in a Business Jet
  • Objectivity when both buying and selling aircraft
  • Business Plans
  • Facilitating the whole process from sourching aircraft to operational ready.
  • Financial support

Interim Management

  • Temporary close gaps to cover the commercial development
  • Train the organization by a target-oriented coaching
  • Project Management
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