Hald&Lie Aviation is a consultancy agency based in Denmark specialized in the aviation industry.

We are a combination of more than 20 years of experience as a consultancy agency and many years of management experience in the aviation. 

Carsten Vistisen has been in aviation for more than 15 years as General Manager and Commercial Director for different Danish aircraft operators. 

We assist our clients to optimize and develop in the following areas:


Consultancy and advisory in the aviation industry to operators in regards to strategy and development


Advisory to companies/organizations of future travel politics


Advisory in buying and selling Business Jets


Sustainability in the aviation sector


Interim Management

Independent Aviation advice

Call us and we create a team of experienced and knowledgeable consultants to help and guide you.

In a complex and intricate world of aviation we bring you considered and forward-thinking solutions to your aviation business needs.

Hald&Lie Aviation is an independent advisor within the aviation sector. We are not linked to any operators, aircraft brands etc, but able to give our clients the best independent solutions to optimize the business or best choice of aircraft.

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